The "do" Pentatonic Scale

"Pente" = 5           "Tonic" = Tone or Pitch

The "do" pentatonic scale uses do, re, mi, so, and la.

"do" is the home tone in this tone set.

Music likes to end on its home tone.

(Your ears already know that! :))

When you go on a trip, you leave your home and you might travel all around to different places, but your trip is not over until you come back home again, right? Music most often does the same thing. It likes to return to its home tone, "do".

Well... usually! :) 

When a melody uses only do, re, mi, so, and la, we say that it is a pentatonic melody!

Watch and listen as our Green Meadows fourth grader sings a pentatonic melody while showing it on her hand staff in the Key of F. 

Now watch Bobby McFerrin, as he "plays" the audience using the pentatonic scale!

He is having the audience sing on the neutral syllable, "bah". Our ears know that the pitches they are singing are the tones of the pentatonic scale.... Do Re Mi So and La!

Listen as he starts with only do and re and mi, at first. Once the audience gets pretty good at finding the pitches, he adds a low la, and a low so,. Then he reaches way, way down to have the audience find the low mi, and re, and do,. Next, he "plays" way on up the pentatonic scale to find the higher so and la. The last note he chooses is.... of course.... the high do'!

(Because, as we all know.... music likes to go home to "do"!)

Haha! So fun!!!! 


Click, watch, listen, and enjoy!!!