Hi Friends!

Let's practice reading and saying rhythm patterns from notation, using Gordon rhythm syllables, while we keep a steady beat. 

Here, you go... like this....

Watch and listen as these First Graders read their rhythm out loud.

(it's written in red marker on the board).

When they read they say the rhythm syllables that we learned in music class,

and they match what they say on their finger drums.


Here's a look at the rhythm syllables we use when we read in 4/4 time.

You'll remember these from class, for sure!

So, now let's look here...

First, say the pattern out loud, and then see if you can read it out loud while you tap the sounds that match what you say. Use your finger drums to tap.

Are you ready to "audiate" what you read?! That means "hear it in your head"!

Try it! Read the pattern in your head.

Remember to keep that beat nice and steady as you read! 

Okay now, say the rhythm syllables in your head while you tap exactly what you say. Make sure that what you tap matches what you say!

How did you do?! 

Let's listen and watch as the third graders in this next video say that same rhythm pattern in their heads (it's written in red marker on the board for them) while they tap what they say in their heads on the rhythm sticks.

What they play on the sticks has to match what they say in their heads! 

How did they do?!  

Okay, now, you try it. Here is the rhythm they were reading...

By the way... here's what that same rhythm looks like when you add the note heads:

Can you still read it? Of course you can!!!

Hey... anyone recognize a song we know that has that same rhythm?

I'll give you a hint... um... jingle at the window.

Haha! Did you get it?

It's "Tideo"!!!!

See the rhythm there? Now read the rhythm right from the song notation!

You can do it, I promise!

Do you remember how to play the game?

                                      du-da-di      du-da-di         du-da-di       du

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