The "Do" Pentatonic Tone Set

Practice Reading do re mi    so la Patterns

in the Key of F (one flat)

Did you recognize the tonal pattern from our song, Great Big House in New Orleans?



Now, here's a pentatonic MELODY to read!

Notice that in the example below, we see rhythm AND pitch notated together.

This is the way melodies are notated.

First, practice saying the RHYTHM using rhythm syllables. 

("Du-de, du-de, du-de, du-de, du-de, du-de, du   , du   ... "etc.)

Then, sing the PITCHES using solfege syllables.

(so-so, la-la, so-so, mi-mi, so,so, la-la, so     , mi       ... "etc)

Be sure to keep a steady beat and keep the rhythm just like you practiced it.

Recognize the song?

Here's a hint...