Practice reading tonal patterns

in the Key of F 

(one flat) 

In the Key of F

do lives in the first space, which is the bottom space.

mi lives in the second space, which is the space above do.

re lives on the line between do and mi, which is the second line up from the bottom.

Remember:When do lives in a space, mi lives in the space above it, and

re lives on the line, between them.

           do            re          mi            do            re           mi            re             do

Want some help?


Click the play button below and I will sing some do re mi patterns with you!

~Mrs. R


Good job!

Now scroll down and try reading some tonal patterns on your own!

Remember, you can always go back to the video whenever you need a "tune up"!

Practice Reading Tonal Patterns with do, re, and mi

Did you recognize the tonal pattern of our Closet Key Song?

So awesome!!!