Intermediate Level Rhythms

Click on the video below to see First Graders read a rhythm pattern in 4/4. The leader is pointing to each beat and remembering to keep the beat steady as he goes. The group is reading along together, using Gordon rhythm syllables.

Here are some rhythm patterns for you to practice your rhythm reading!

I wrote the rhythm syllables under the notes for you to remind you of what we say.

The double bar means "The End".

Remember to keep a steady beat!

Here's a video of another First Grader leading the class in sight-reading a rhythm pattern that is written in red on the board with just the stems of the notes. We call this "stick notation"... which is just rhythm notation without the colored-in oval note heads.  The stems tell us what to say!

The next video shows another First Grader reading and playing a rhythm pattern. She is saying the rhythm syllables out loud, while playing that rhythm on the conga drum.

Watch and listen as she reads and plays the drum. Her classmate is pointing to the rhythm on the whiteboard as she reads.

Watch and listen as our drummer tries to match the sound of the rhythm syllables she speaks with her hands on the drum.

Now watch as another First Grader reads the same rhythm and plays it on the drum. Her classmates are reading along with her. 

Here's another first grade class...

Here's one to try with us...

Great job, friends!

Now, scroll down and try reading the next rhythm patterns in 4/4 all by yourself.

It takes practice, but you can do it!

Remember to keep a steady beat as you go!