Green Meadows Elementary School Chorus


The Chorus provides an enrichment opportunity for students from Grades Two through Four who demonstrate the ability to sing in tune; physical, intellectual, and emotional readiness; and the desire to extend beyond the vocal music challenges of the weekly Music Class. 

This advanced music ensemble provides the entire school community the opportunity to experience and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of in-tune choral singing. It inspires all students toward a higher standard of musical performance.

Choristers learn the value of dedication, commitment, and team work. They experience camaraderie and the shared purpose of creating something beautiful.


The ability to match pitch and sing in tune develops as children are able to “think”  tunes in their heads and to reproduce them vocally. It is a learned behavior which requires both intellectual and physiological readiness.  

Every students' rate of musical development is unique to him or her.


All students from Grades Three, Four, and Five who express a desire to join the Chorus during the first several weeks of the school year are welcome, with parent permission.


The Chorus rehearsal room is a place where all children have the right to practice and develop new skills with confidence. 

All Chorus members are expected to encourage and support the music-making efforts of all students.

Full participation is necessary at all weekly rehearsals, and children will be encouraged to practice at home.

Chorus members are expected to catch up on classwork missed during rehearsal time.

Chorus members are expected to model proper conduct in school at all times, and to strive to exemplify Green Meadows' C.A.R.E.S. attributes of Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self- Control.

Concert Attire:

For formal concerts, unless otherwise instructed, singers will be expected to wear the required uniform. Notice will be given in advance. For certain performances, we will require a white long sleeve turtleneck shirt. I always have a large supply of white turtlenecks for borrowing, should singers not have their own shirt from home. Other performances may require the Chorus sweatshirt, and/or scarves and gloves which I will distribute at concert time and collect afterward. Alternatively, in very warm weather we may call for short sleeve pastel colored crewneck t-shirts for concert wear. Again, I have a large supply for borrowing.

There will be a note sent home with the children before every concert, regarding the attire.

01 Green Meadows Pledge, Makenna Sacco, soloist.mp3

02 Art Thou Troubled_.mp3

03 Glorious Jillian Rumplik, Moira Shannon, Makenna Sacco, Ainsley Patterson, Jillian Rubner, Sofia Allegrezza, soloists.mp3

04 Al Shlosha D'varim.mp3

05 I've Lost My Homework.mp3

06 When I Open a Book.mp3

07 Hi Ho! The Rattlin' Bog.mp3

08 Glorious.mp3

09 Homeward Bound.mp3

10 God Bless America.mp3

11 Green Meadows Pledge Kelsey Jennings, soloist.mp3

On January 31, 2019

Green Meadows Chorus performed for the School Committee, once again,

and received a well-deserved standing ovation!!!

Got photos? Email to Mrs. Rodriguez !!!  :-)




Star-Spangled Banner

God Bless America

When I Open a Book

The Cat in the Hat Song

A Little Mozart ABC

Hi Ho! The Rattlin’ Bog

Dona Nobis Pacem

When I Close My Eyes

To Music