Grade Four

“I Can…”

Standard 1: Singing

I can echo my teacher’s melodic pattern on pitch and with correct rhythm.

I can sing by myself.

I can sing with a group.

I can maintain my own part when singing in canon, and in parts with others.

I can sing with attention to blend and balance when singing with others.

I can sing in tune.

I can sing with attention to phrasing.

I can sing with attention to dynamics and expression.

I can demonstrate proper use of my head voice.

I can sing a growing repertoire of songs from in a variety of styles, from memory.

Standard 2: Reading and Notation

I can identify whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes.

I can identify whole, half, quarter, and eighth rests.

I can identify notated symbols and demonstrate piano, pianissimo, forte and mezzo forte, allegro and andante, and legato and staccato.

I can read and sing grade level pitch patterns using solfege and hand signs for pitch.

I can read and speak grade level rhythm patterns using Gordon rhythm syllables from standard notation.

Standard 3: Playing Instruments

I can demonstrate steady beat on classroom instruments and with my body.

I can play classroom percussion instruments with proper technique.

I can play barred instruments  with proper mallet technique.

I can perform music with appropriate expression and dynamics.

I can demonstrate beat vs. rhythm.

I can perform an ostinato.

Standard 4: Improvisation

I can create rhythm patterns.

I can create melodic patterns.

Standard 5: Critical Response

I can listen attentively to music.

I can use appropriate music vocabulary to describe the music I hear.

I can identify instrument families by listening and by sight.

I can move to show musical characteristics in the music I hear.

I can demonstrate proper audience etiquette.