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Songs and Singing Games

Thank You Song... Natalie (Kindergarten) 1.mp3

We're a Family at Mile Tree.mp3

Hello Songs featuring Ella.mp3

This Pretty Planet featuring Mrs. Cyr's class.mp3

Green Meadows Pledge Song (feat A.J.).mp3

Homeward Bound Part 1.mp3

Homeward Bound Part 2.mp3

01 The Whistling Gypsy 1.mp3

Going Over the Sea MP3.mp3

Oats Peas Beans and Barley.mp3

CHicken On the Fencepost - 10_22_17, 11.08 PM.mp3

Green Grows the Willow Tree mp3.mp3

01 Crawdad Song.mp3

01 Old Dan Tucker.mp3

Old Dan Tucker featuring Carter.mp3

01 Weevily Wheat.mp3

I Had a Little Rooster 1.mp3

Here Comes a Bluebird 02.mp3

Going Over the Sea feat. Carlos and Mrs. Colkos' Class.mp3

Star Spangled Banner feat. Mrs. Crogan's Class.mp3

Peace Like a River featuring Emily M from Mrs. Barone's Class.mp3

Peace Like A River Featuring Mrs. Stone's Class mp3.mp3

Peace Like a River feat. Christian. Yulan, and Nathan from Mrs. Crogan's Class.mp3

Peace Like a River feat. Mrs. C Hall's Class mp3.mp3

12 Dona Nobis Pacem.mp3

08 When I Open a Book.mp3

08 When I Open a Book.mp3

04 A Little Mozart ABCs.mp3

09 Hi Ho the Rattlin Bog.mp3

01 Wade in the Water Parts One and Two.mp3

08 To Music Chorus.mp3

02 When I Close My Eyes.mp3

01 Why We Sing (Full Performance) 1.mp3

The Water Is Wide Crogan 1.mp3

Star Spangled Banner... Saniah (Grade 1) 1.mp3

Walk In The Light... (Rolandini) 1.mp3

Step Back Baby... (Kindergarten) 1.mp3

Up Above My Head...Thomas (Kindergarten) 1.mp3

Until We Sing Again... Declan (Grade 1)-2 1.mp3

Up Above My Head... Ryan (Grade 1) 1.mp3

01 Why We Sing (Full Performance) 1.mp3

This Pretty Planet... Liam (Kindergarten) 2.mp3

Up Above My Head... AJ.mp3

Up Above My Head... Micah.mp3

Up Above My Head... Mason.mp3

Up Above My Head... Addie.mp3

Up Above My Head... AJ improvising.mp3

Horse and Buggy with Mrs. Basile's Class.mp3

Until We Sing Again... Madelyn.mp3

Until We Sing Again... Mallory.mp3

This Little Light of Mine...Mrs. Cyr's Class.mp3

Crawdad Song featuring Camille.mp3

Crawdad Song featuring Mrs. Crogan's Class.mp3

Thank You Song featuring Mrs. Donovan's Class.mp3

Thank You Song featuring Connor.mp3

Bow Wow Wow featuring Mrs. Donovan's Class.mp3

Purple Light featuring Mrs. Cyr's Class.mp3

Purple Light featuring Mrs. Rolandini's class.mp3

Draw a Bucket of Water featuring Mrs. Stone's Class.mp3

The Littlest Worm featuring Mrs. Cyr's Class.mp3

Purple Light featuring Mrs. Collins' Class.mp3

This Pretty Planet featuring Mrs. Jackman's Class.mp3

09 Hi Ho the Rattlin Bog.mp3

Star Spangled Banner Part 3.mp3

Star Spangled Banner Part4.mp3

Star Spangled Banner All Parts.mp3

07 Hunt the Cows.mp3

God Bless America (Parts One and Two).mp3

God Bless America ( Part 2 ).mp3

Glorious... Full Chorus

01 Glorious.mp3


Grades 1 and2 and 3: Part 1

Glorious Part 1 mp3.mp3


Grade 4: Part 2

Glorious Part 2 mp3.mp3



Grade 5: Part 3

Glorious Part 3 mp3.mp3

02 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.mp3

22 Winter Fantasy Parts One and Two.mp3

01 Light the Lights 4.mp3

Art_Thou_Troubled_ GF Handel.mp3

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer featuring Mrs. Sullivan's Third Grade.mp3

09 The Promise of Tomorrow.mp3

Count Your Blessings - Parts One and Two.mp3

04 Kindle the Hannukkah Lights.mp3

07 A Song Sung Once.mp3

03 You Shall Have a Song.mp3

Music for Listening 

On the Trail from Grand Canyon Suite (excerpt).mp3

1-01 Mozart_ Marriage of Figaro, K. 492_ Overture.mp3

18 Brahms_ Hungarian Dance No. 5 In G Minor.mp3

44 Strauss_ Radetzky March, Op. 228.mp3

02 Waltz In A Flat - Johannes Brahms.mp3

16 Suite and Dances _Premiere et deuxieme_.mp3

11 March by Franz Schubert.mp3

01 Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace).mp3

9-23 Lullaby for Strings (Listening) p. 293.mp3

2-04 Be Still, My Child (Listening) p. 39.mp3

02 Theme From The Surprise Symphony.mp3

15 Simple Gifts.mp3

07 Humoresque - Dvorak 1.mp3

05 Gloria in D, RV 589_ Domine Fili.mp3

28 The Nutcracker_ Overture.mp3

9-39 Tchaikovsky_ Nutcracker, Op. 71 - Divertissement_ Trépak (Russian Dance).mp3