Steady Beat

Can you catch the steady beat of a rhyme or a song? 

It takes practice, but, yes, yes, you can!!!

The beat is that steady pulse that you feel

when you listen to music, or when you say a rhyme.

It's what makes you want to tap your toes!

Listen to music, sing a song, or say a rhyme.

Feel the beat.

You can tap it, clap it, stomp it, or pat it!

You can step to it, sway with it, hop to it, or jump to it!!!

Find your own way to show the steady beat!

Now it's your turn!

Click and Listen!

Catch the beat! Boom boom boom boom...

Choose your own way to show the beat of the music! 

5-36 Sousa_ Washington Post.mp3

4-12 The Beat of the Tango.mp3

1-17 Watermelon Man.mp3

1-44 Four Seasons, The, _Spring_.mp3

You can make your own instrument to keep the steady beat. Here is an idea for making your own guiro!