Du   De-Tuh

Careful now. Notice the difference between "Du De-tuh" (top) and "Du-tuh De" (bottom)

See the source image

Now, here's a little video for you!

Listen and watch, while I read and tap the rhythm. Try your best to notice the difference between

 "Du  De-tuh" and "Du-tuh  De"!

Now practice reading this next rhythm all by yourself!

You'll see the Du De-tuh and the Du-tuh De, so read carefully. Remember to keep a steady beat. Practice at a slower tempo. Read and say exactly what you see. Be sure to speak each element clearly and correctly.

Then try tapping exactly what you say as you say it. When you can perform the rhythm smoothly and accurately this way, then try reading and saying the rhythm in your head while you tap it.